A Guide To Making An Instagram Account Hack-Proof

Social Media in our Lives

Social media provides an enormous impact on our lives. Social media sites/apps are the most powerful sites/apps today since you could share anything that you want the world to see. Also, you can inform or promote anything for other people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. are some of the most used social media platforms today. Many people use these as a mean for their business or for their recreation. It can also be used to connect or to communicate with other people.

Hack-Proof your Instagram Account

However, with these social media apps rising nowadays, many people still want to breach one’s data or information. As the power of the internet goes stronger, the number of hackers out there also increases. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms by many people. But lately, the number of accounts that are being hacked have increased vastly. Several people are learning how to hack an Instagram account. Below listed are some tips to make your social media accounts like Instagram hack-proof.

  • Create a strong password.

Many people tend to choose a common set of passwords since they are easy to remember. Always think about something that you are the only one who knows. This could help in creating a strong password.

  • You must always secure your email account.

Two-factor authentication is offered by some emails thus making your data harder to breach.

  • Always check the apps you are allowing to have access with your data.

Check for the third-party apps that you are allowing to have access with your data. Some could be a way to hack your account.

  • Always sign out your account if you’ve logged in using someone’s device.
  • Be careful of  fake accounts and scammers online.
  • Always check if a URL is malicious or not.
  • Malware can be found behind this type of URL. There is a possibility that you could get hacked.
  • Check the URL of the login page.

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