Do All Private Servers Have Mu Season 14 Available Yet?

Mu Online has a lot going for it even before its 14th Season came about. It has monsters galore, an anti-PvP system, a morality gauge and much more. Additionally, you can purchase character cards in order to use 3 more classes on top of the standard 5 of Dark Lord, Magic Gladiator, Elf, Dark Knight and Dark Wizard. The other 3 classes are Grow Lancer, Rage Fighter and Summoner. Each class uses specific items and has specific powers.

What should you expect from mu online season 14?
A welcome improvement to the formula. In regards to all private servers having Mu Season 14 available, you have to be patient. Like in the case of the release of Street Fighter V or 5, Mu Online will have Season 14 available at all private servers sooner than later. You should just be patient.

The 14th Season Showcases The Growth of Mu Online

  • Magic Spells and Abilities: Season 14 expands upon the basic system of every character having their own set of spells and unique weapons that can be enchanted in order to provide increased damage, unique effects and statuses. You need MP or Manna in order to cast spells. It also requires Stamina or AG. So the more tired and magic-depleted your character is, the less likely he can cast any spell.
  • On-Site Communications: Mu Online allows people to talk to each other through a built-in chat system. Players can easily communicate by texting all sorts of statuses, commands or even chat about their everyday life if they so please. They can add players to their Friends’ List a la Facebook even. This allows them to keep contact with one another easier when push comes to shove. This system remains in place and improved on the 14th Season.

Coop Mode or Cooperative Play: In order to better survive and gain levels at Mu Online, players should know how to socialize and cooperate with one another by forming parties and whatnot. A party allows weaker players to be protected by stronger ones and stronger players to easily level up with the assistance of cooperative gameplay. It’s particularly handy when facing off against powerful boss monsters, allowing everyone to share on loot and experience points.

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